Insect remover

A 002 986 11 71 11

  • Fast and gentle removal of insects from glass, paintwork, chrome and plastic surfaces
  • Also works on stubborn, dried insect residue
  • Recommendation: Remove insect residue by hand using a sponge

Car shampoo

A 001 986 41 71 10

  • For the prevention of light surface rust (fine iron dust) on paintwork, synthetic materials, chrome and glass
  • Convenient dispenser for easy use
  • Recommendation: For preventive paintwork care use Mercedes-Benz genuine car shampoo regularly

Wheel cleaner

A 001 986 34 71 12

  • Removes stubborn dirt such as brake dust and oil residue without leaving a trace
  • Does not damage the wheel surface or wheel bolts
  • Recommendation: Repeat application to remove excessive dirt. Wear glove. Dissolve heavy grime using the included sponge.

Glass cleaner, concentrated, for exterior use only

A 000 986 40 71

  • Effectively removes road grime, silicones, diesel soot, hot wax, gloss preserver, insects and bird droppings
  • Easy and child-safe use
  • For quiet wiper blade operation
  • Gentle on paintwork and synthetic materials
  • Recommendation: Use after each wiper blade replacement and each time after running your car through the car wash

Chrome Care

A 000 986 43 74 14

  • Removes corrosion, tarnished and dull spots from chrome trim components
  • Dissolves dirt and corrosion stains
  • Restores the original shine and leaves a protective film

Nano Rim Sealer

A 000 986 00 72

  • Long-lasting nanotechnology sealant for all types of wheels
  • Protects with a glass-hard layer of nanoparticles
  • Weakens the adhesive power of brake dust and as a result makes wheels easier to clean
  • With long-lasting beading effect

Exterior car care kit

A 211 986 01 00

  • Complete set in a high-quality leisure bag with Mercedes-Benz logo
  • Two versatile car products: car shampoo and wheel cleaner with brush
  • For convenient use: car sponge and car cloth (man-made leather)

The featured products represent a selection from the entire product range. Changes may have been made to the products. For current and more specific information you should contact your nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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