Cockpit care spray

A 000 986 47 74 12

  • Cleans and protects all plastic components in the cockpit area. Do not spray on instruments or their synthetic glass covers.
  • Odorless and easy to use
  • Protects and cleans synthetic materials and leather
  • Antistatic, does not attract dust

Stain remover

A 001 986 28 71 10

  • Safely removes oil, grease and wax as well as chocolate, ballpoint pen ink and shoe polish
  • Leaves no cleaning residue
  • Suitable for textiles, upholstery and seat covers
  • Easy to meter

Glass cleaner, interior

A 001 986 38 71

  • Outstanding glass cleaner with anti-misting effect
  • One use removes dirt, grease and nicotine
  • Easy-to-apply pump spray

Leather care foam

A 001 986 59 71 12

  • Care and cleaning product for high-grade equipment components
  • Protects leather against aging, cleans and keeps it supple
  • With antistatic and dust-repellent effect

Interior car care kit

A 211 986 00 00

  • Complete set in high-quality leisure bag with Mercedes-Benz logo
  • Two versatile care products: cabin care and interior glass cleaner
  • For convenient use: glass sponge (man-made leather cushion) and
  • car cloth (man-made leather)

The featured products represent a selection from the entire product range. Changes may have been made to the products. For current and more specific information you should contact your nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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