The Mercedes-Benz Remanufacturing Centre.
Engines and transmissions rebuilt to factory standards.


Save money and time on powertrain restoration.


The remanufacturing process.

Once the component arrives at the Remanufacturing Centre, a team of Factory-Trained Technicians conducts a complete “tear down” of the component. Each
part is carefully cleaned at specially-designed stations and then inspected. Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are used to replace or repair defective parts and surfaces are refinished or repainted to look as good as new.

The engine or transmission is reassembled using factory-specified tools. It is then returned to the authorized dealer or repair facility for installation into your vehicle, complete with a two-year/unlimited km limited warranty.*

Benefits of Remanufactured Parts:

  • Lower cost than buying a new engine or transmission
  • Two-year/unlimited km limited warranty*
  • One technician works on one component
  • Maintains “matching numbers” on your classic vehicle
  • ISO-certified process facility
  • Only factory-specified parts, tools and processes are used
  • Reduced environmental impact vs. disposing of old and buying new

* See your local dealer for details.