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2018 C-Class Cabriolet

C-Class Cabriolet

For every season, and just one reason: The love of driving.

2018 C-Cabriolet Design


The C-Class Cabriolet opens a world of driving enjoyment and sporty elegance. Its convertible top is woven not just from rich fabric but a legacy of innovation, athleticism and craftsmanship that never goes out of style, or out of season.

Touch the sky, grip the road.

Big, beautiful wheels and grippy staggered-width tires make cornering a breeze, with 18-inch wheels standard. Four more options include 18-inch and 19-inch AMG wheels with the bold Sport Package and blackout Night Package.

2018 C-Cabriolet Design C 300 4MATIC Cabriolet (Top Down)
2018 C-Cabriolet Design C 300 4MATIC Cabriolet (Top Up)

Freedom of a sports car, comfort of a coupe.

Open-air style brings out the muscular lines and seductive cabin of the C-Class. In under 20 seconds, one button summons the 3-layer acoustic soft top from its elegantly covered well, to envelop you in quiet, coupelike comfort.

Inner peace, outwardly appealing.

With four contoured seats and a three-dimensional sculpture of rich finishes, the cabriolet cabin melds modern art with ultramodern technology and comforts. Lower the top, and the flow between interior and exterior can be seen and felt.

A look all its own, a style that's all yours.

Four soft top colours are only the starting point for individualizing your C-Class. An enticing palette of upholstery, trim and new styling editions let you tailor your cabriolet not just to fit your sense of style but show it off.

2018 C-Cabriolet Performance


The C-Class Cabriolet is engineered from road to sky not just as a convertible but as a Mercedes-Benz. So the taut muscle of its body comes to life in its precise handling, tight feel and confidence-inspiring sensation of solidity.

Multiple modes, for all your driving moods.

DYNAMIC SELECT lets you dial in the car's performance character, from sharpened Sport mode to easygoing ECO. Each mode fine-tunes the throttle and steering feel, shift points and more. There's even a mode you can set up as you like.

Instant response, long-term benefits.

The C300's 241-hp turbo-4 and 9-speed automatic fuse exuberance with efficiency. Millisecond-quick Direct Injection and multispark ignition can fine-tune on the go. And with 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds, it surely goes.

The perfect stance, for your favorite road.

The road-hugging style of the C-Class Cabriolet is no illusion. Its standard 18-inch wheels and 4-wheel multilink suspension cling to the pavement yet smooth the ride. Standard selective damping instantly firms up in sharp turns.

Enjoying the drive is always in season.

The all-wheel-drive C 300 4MATIC is a true 4-season convertible. On slippery roads, it expertly turns torque into grip at each wheel. In dry corners, it adds fun. And it's light, agile and efficient, for year-round enjoyment.

2018 C-Cabriolet Innovation


C-Class innovations reach for all your senses: Its controls respond to your touch or voice. Displays reward your glance. Its technology is engineered to soothe your sense of well-being, and smooth your every journey.

Beauty's in the eyes, and the ears of the beholder.

BurmesterĀ®, Germany's revered name in high-end home audio, has crafted a 13-speaker surround sound option for the C-Class Cabriolet. Digital and analog amps even adapt when the top is down, to immerse you in 590 watts of lush audio.

What you always wanted in a convertible: More time to enjoy it.

Innovation harnesses the air to make top-down motoring more enjoyable. AIRSCARF wraps your shoulders in warm air, turning a chilly evening into a dreamy drive. AIRCAP quells buffeting for a tranquil, quiet ride. Even the climate control adapts when you put the top down, without needing a single adjustment.

2018 C-Cabriolet Innovation

Intuitive innovation. In tune with your nature.

From Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC cruise control to Active Parking Assist, advanced options help you go far and near, or even lend a hand before you get in: KEYLESS-GO unlocks the doors with a touch, and HANDS-FREE ACCESS lets you open the trunk by moving your foot under the bumper.

Proactive protection, all for your future

C-Class safety can show you the future. Radar helps spot hazards in your path. A team of standard and optional systems can monitor all around you, alert you, help you brake, and even assist semi-autonomously to help reduce collisions.


  • C300A4 Image
  • C 300 4MATIC
  • $57,200* MSRP
  • Engine 2.0L inline-4 turbo
  • C300A4 Image
  • Acceleration
    0-100 km
    6.4 sec
  • Net power
    @ 5,500 rpm
    241 hp
  • Net torque
    @ 1,300-4,000 rpm
    273 lb-ft
  • Build


C300A4 Side Image
C300A4 Front/back Image

Key Features

  • Passenger capacity
  • Trunk capacity
    285-360 L
  • Transmission type
    9G-TRONIC 9-speed
  • City fuel economy
    10.8 L/100 km
  • Highway fuel economy
    8.1 L/100 km
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