Inspecting Your Vehicle

Tires & Rims

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

All four tires match the original tires in type*, size, load and speed rating with at least 0.32 cm (4/32 inches) of tread depth at the greatest wear point

The tires on the same axle are of the same brand (4Matic vehicles must have all four tires of the same brand)

The tires and rims match the original specifications (for
Mercedes-Benz approved specifications, see sticker inside the driver’s door and Owner’s Manual). Please note, winter tires are not considered original equipment.

The spare tire and rim (or inflation kit for those vehicles without a spare tire) are present and in operable condition

The rims are not bent and they are free of breaks (regardless of the size)

The tires are free of bulges, cuts, sidewall damage and abnormal wear

Any wheel scratches and gouges pass the First Class Condition Card Test
*Some vehicles may have a special type of tires (e.g. summer performance tires)

    Damage to the rims is only chargeable if it extends beyond the First Class Condition Card. Tire cuts, bulges, and sidewall damage are all chargeable regardless
    of the size.