Luxury as we know it.

What is Modern Luxury? Is it timeless beauty? Quiet confidence? An adherence to the highest of standards? At Mercedes-Benz, it’s our core philosophy, one that inspires our products and drives our passion.

You can feel it on your fingertips.

Every Mercedes-Benz design incorporates a wide range of materials. From steel and carbon fiber to supple Nappa leather, creating a diverse palette of materials is what makes our vehicles so inviting.

Credibility through craftsmanship.

At the Modern Luxury workshop in Sindelfingen, Germany, over 250 artisans transform the desires of our customers into exquisitely unique versions of our standard-production vehicles. Their expert hands and exacting eyes ensure that only the finest hides are made into seats, that each layer of paint brings out more character, and that wood trim is hand-finished to achieve an exquisitely deep gloss.

For a vehicle that’s expressly unique.

Just as every driver is unique, so too is their vehicle. That’s why the Mercedes-Benz lineup consists of over 85 models, each with a distinct personality to match your needs and desires as closely as possible. It’s also why we offer a multitude of options and customizations from Mercedes-AMG, designo and designo Manufaktur, because specialization is a key to luxury.

Nod to the old. Embrace the new.

Nothing has changed the face of luxury more than technology. At Mercedes-Benz, we look to harness its power and refine its appearance for an elegant experience that makes life more efficient.

Connected Services

Mercedes me allows drivers to connect to their car from wherever they are.

Analog and Digital

Analog and Digital

The juxtaposition of both – on the dashboard and console – creates a timeless aesthetic.



The interface design is more pleasant to the eye and makes it easier to take action.

designo: New Levels of Luxury

Raising the craftsmanship of Mercedes-Benz to a more personal, handcrafted level is no easy task. But with exquisitely tailored packages and a gallery of individual elements, designo is the ultimate expression of your own personal style.

designo Manufaktur

designo Manufaktur

With designo Manufaktur, we fulfill our customers’ most individual wishes with high-quality, small-scale production. Customers can take personalization one step further and choose from unique paint colours – including historic Mercedes-Benz tones or colours – as well as bespoke leathers and upholstery combinations.


An icon without limits. That’s the idea behind the G-Manufaktur program, which allows customers to choose from a boundless amount of colours and materials to appoint their G-Class SUV. Over 1 million possible combinations can be created by combining the series and G-Manufaktur options, ensuring that your vehicle will truly be one-of-a-kind.
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