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The all‑new 2019 Mercedes‑AMG GT 4‑Door Coupe

Power enters a new dimension.

Performance meets design.

The Mercedes-AMG GT series brought profound excitement to the everyday road. Now the engineers in Affalterbach have expanded the thrills with a four-door variant. And they´ve done so with their characteristic blend of care and boldness, rethinking the entire construction of the vehicle to ensure that extra space and versatility have sacrificed nothing when it comes to a heart-pounding drive.

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Born to perform, developed to outperform.

You will note the low hood, the muscular shape, and the flowing silhouette — all part of well-crafted aerodynamics. But what sets the 4-door GT Coupe apart is its reinforced structure, adapted from racing to ensure maximum performance. Inside the vehicle, supreme comfort goes hand-in-hand with total luxury, and intuitive touch controls and widescreen cockpit enhance a space where the driver is in total control.

Underneath the hood, the coupe provides three different engine options for each of its different models: two different handcrafted AMG V8s for the GT 63 S and 63, and an AMG-enhanced 3.0L inline-6 biturbo with EQ Boost for the GT 53. The most powerful option, available on the GT 63 S, delivers 630 hp*, a maximum torque of 664 lb-ft*, and roars from 0-100 in 3.1 seconds*.

With a variety of performance and design packages, the four-door coupes will appeal to any who seek maximum thrills with boundless possibilities.

[1] Preliminary numbers. Vehicle may not be exactly as shown.

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