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EQC: The Mercedes-Benz of electric vehicles.

Fully electric. Pure Mercedes-Benz.

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We brought you the car. Now, we bring you its future.

An electric future has arrived. It’s an electric vehicle only Mercedes-Benz could deliver: Please welcome the EQC.

  • Interior shot of Mercedes-Benz EQC electric vehicle

The Mercedes-Benz EQC: The Mercedes-Benz of electric vehicles.

The automobile’s future is electric. And now, a Mercedes-Benz leads the charge. The new EQC is the first vehicle produced under the product and technology brand “Mercedes-Benz EQ”. It is also the first in what will be a growing family of all-electric vehicles bearing the three-pointed star. With an uncompromising blend of comfort, performance, design, intelligence and technology, the EQC blazes a new path for electric driving — and for Mercedes-Benz.  

To give the EQC a level of performance worthy of its name, we developed an all-new drive system. The vehicle features compact electric drivetrains at each axle, which give the EQC the confident and sporty characteristics of an all-wheel drive vehicle, delivering 402 hp and 564 lb-ft of torque*. With the ability to fast-charge from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes, the EQC is poised to conquer any highway.

While the new vehicle instantly registers as a Mercedes-Benz, it also forges a striking new path in design. Grille and headlamps are combined in a sleek black-panel surface at front, an arrangement accentuated by an LED Light Band at the top. Within, an asymmetrical cockpit puts the driver in firm and intuitive control, while rose-gold accents give the electric vehicle its own clear aesthetic. Digital and physical merge seamlessly to empower whoever takes the wheel.

*Preliminary numbers
Vehicle may not be exactly as shown.

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