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Inspecting Your Vehicle

Prior to returning your vehicle, a third-party vehicle pre-inspection is required. You may also conduct your own review with the help of our First Class Condition Card prior to the vehicle pre-inspection.

First Class Condition Card

 First Class Condition Card

Take It Into Your Own Hands

You're welcome to conduct your own review prior to the vehicle pre-inspection to familiarize yourself with the process and guidelines. The First Class Condition Card, sent to you in an information package, helps you to identify what is considered excess wear and tear.

How does it work? Place the First Class Condition Card over an exterior or interior blemish. Generally, if the damage (caused by a single event) cannot be seen with the card over it then a repair or replacement at your expense may not be required.* Please note, this may not apply to some interior blemishes and glass damages such as burn holes in the fabric and windshield chips or cracks. 

The approximate dimensions of the card are 8.5 cm/3.375 inches (width) x 5.5 cm/2.125 inches (height).

As part of your assessment, check the number of kilometres you've driven during your lease period to verify whether you've gone over your predetermined limit.

Please keep in mind that this self-assessment tool is for estimation purposes only and is not a replacement of the vehicle pre-inspection or of the determination in the Lease End Statement.

*Exceptions apply

Third-Party Vehicle Pre-Inspection

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • All four tires match the original tires in type[1], size, load and speed rating with at least 0.32 cm (4/32 inches) of tread depth at the greatest wear point
  • The tires on the same axle are of the same brand (4MATIC vehicles must have all four tires of the same brand)
  • The tires and rims match the original specifications (for Mercedes-Benz approved specifications, see sticker inside the driver’s door and Owner’s Manual)[2]
  • The spare tire and rim (or inflation kit for those vehicles without a spare tire) are present and in operable condition
  • The rims are not bent and they are free of breaks (regardless of the size)
  • The tires are free of bulges, cuts, sidewall damage and abnormal wear
  • Any wheel scratches and gouges pass the First Class Condition Card Test

1Some vehicles may have a special type of tires (e.g. summer performance tires.
2Winter tires are not considered original equipment.

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • All maintenance service specified by the manufacturer has been performed as required and documented by a stamped Service Booklet or a copy of the repair order
  • Any issues covered under warranty have been repaired
  • All engine or drivetrain components are operable
  • You still have your Service Booklet/Owner’s Manual/COMAND Manual/Service and Warranty Information Booklet
  • Both keys are returned

To ensure a seamless and easy return of your Mercedes-Benz, be sure to keep up with the necessary maintenance of your vehicle throughout your lease. It’s important that you get your vehicle serviced at a Mercedes-Benz Service Centre, where our state-of-the-art diagnostic systems can determine your precise service requirements. Please make sure that you have kept your service up to date and that all necessary maintenance has been completed before you return your vehicle.

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • The exterior is free of holes, tears or breaks (regardless of the size)
  • Scratches are not through the paint (regardless of the size). If your vehicle has scratches that do go through the paint, just apply the First Class Condition Card Test
  • Scratches through the paint and dents pass the First Class Condition Card Test
  • The grille is free of any breaks
  • If there is bumper scuff that doesn’t alter or expose the underlying material, it is acceptable regardless of size. If the underlying material is cut, shaved or torn, then apply the First Class Condition Card Test. All holes, tears or breaks are not acceptable regardless of the size

When assessing your vehicle’s exterior, keep in mind a maximum of 5 damage occurrences (that pass the First Class Condition Card Test) per panel is acceptable. These ‘panels’ include the vehicle’s front and rear bumper. This excludes holes, tears or breaks.

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • The interior is free of tears, cuts, holes, burns or stains that cannot be removed (regardless of the size)
  • Any interior damage does not penetrate the fabric and passes the First Class Condition Card Test

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • All glass and lenses are free of holes, cracks or stars[3]
  • Any scratches can be covered by the First Class Condition Car
  • No more than 2 chips have been plugged[4]
  • Any chips or plugs[4] are smaller than 3 mm
  • Any chips or plugs[4] sit outside the driver’s field of vision defined by wiper path
  • Any aftermarket window tint is free of any scratches, bubbling, tears, or discolouring

We recommend any windshield replacement be completed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure the repair meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Keep in mind windshield replacement is often covered by insurance. Check with your insurance agent.

3A “star” is a chip with one or more legs. 
4A “plug” refers to any repair to windshield damage.

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

  • All equipment leased with the vehicle and all factory-installed parts are present, undamaged and in good working order
  • All modifications installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership are intact

Any third-party, aftermarket alterations have been restored to their original condition, including but not limited to:

  • Lowering the vehicle’s suspension
  • Changing the vehicle colour or non-factory paint schemes
  • Spoilers and/or trailer hitches
  • Holes in the frame
  • Damage caused by the removal of parts and accessories
  • Other aftermarket alterations not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

Anything changed or added to your vehicle is considered an aftermarket alteration and is not acceptable, unless it was installed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. 

Please note, not all mechanical, electrical, structural damage, odometer tampering or damage resulting from alterations to the vehicle can be immediately uncovered during the vehicle pre-inspection process. In case any of those damages are found after the vehicle is returned, an invoice will be issued accordingly.

Vehicle Condition Review Checklist

Mercedes Owner arriving for service

Prepare for your vehicle pre-inspection

Download the Vehicle Condition Review Checklist to help you review your vehicle’s condition and prepare for your vehicle pre-inspection.



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend contacting your Mercedes-Benz dealer to schedule your lease return. You can also contact Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at 1-866-202-6969 for any additional return options.

The pre-inspection is an important part of the Lease Return Process, as it provides you with a vehicle condition review and identifies excess wear and tear prior to your expected return date. Not having a pre-inspection completed prior to returning your vehicle will put you at risk of unexpected charges appearing on your Lease End Statement.  

Once the pre-inspection is completed, we encourage you to contact your Mercedes-Benz dealer, who will review the pre-inspection results with you and provide information regarding the repair process and your return options.

We recommend repairs be performed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer or body shop to avoid any potential charges for substandard or incomplete repairs. If you have any questions please contact Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at 1-866-202-6969 or contact your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Any excess wear and tear charges, excess kilometre charges (refer to your lease agreement), damage charges for anything that makes the vehicle unsafe or unlawful to operate, any remaining payments, and any additional fees you may have incurred prior to returning your vehicle. It will also detail any credits you may be owed.

If a third-party pre-inspection was not performed on your vehicle prior to return or if the condition of your vehicle has changed since the vehicle pre-inspection was conducted, a Vehicle Condition Summary and a Lease End Statement may not be available and a final third-party inspection may be needed to determine your final kilometrage and any excess wear and tear.

Once Mercedes-Benz Financial Services has been notified of the vehicle return by the dealership, your account will be settled. If there are no excess wear and tear charges, outstanding payments, excess kilometrage or additional fees assessed to the account, your security deposit will be refunded within 14 days. In the event that you move during the term of the lease please contact Mercedes-Benz Financial Services at 1-866-202-6969 to update your file.

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