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For 2019 and newer models, the latest technology from Mercedes-Benz puts you and your vehicle at the center of it all. Visit a dealer and download the app now to activate your services today.




Connect Services

Complimentary for 3 years


The link between driver and vehicle

Monitor your vehicle and take action using the Mercedes me connect app. Whether you’re preparing for a trip using Remote Start or enjoying peace of mind with Vehicle Tracker and Valet Protect, these services make owning a Mercedes-Benz even more enjoyable.

Services include:
• Remote Start and Remote Door Lock/Unlock
• Remote retrieval of vehicle status
• Vehicle Tracker
• Geofencing
• Live Traffic Information
• Online Map Update
See full list of features below

Assistance & Support

Complimentary for as long as your vehicle’s technology is supported


A helping hand at every turn

The assistance features from Mercedes me connect allow you to hit the road without reservation. State-of-the-art technologies keep you safe inside your vehicle and informed when you’re not. 

Services included: 

  • Maintenance management
  • Breakdown management 
  • Accident recovery
  • Telediagnostics for improved servicing
  • 24/7 emergency call services1
  • Information Call and me Call services

See full list of features below.

Concierge Service

1-year complimentary trial on select models


A top-notch luxury experience

With Mercedes me connect, owning a Mercedes-Benz becomes even more satisfying. Enjoy access to a Mercedes-Benz Concierge, your personal assistant who can help with reservations, tickets, travel arrangements, and more.

Services include:

  • 24/7 Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service5
  • Turn-by-Turn Assistance5
  • Agent-assisted POI download5
  • Assistance via the in-vehicle call button6

In-car Wi-Fi

30-day complimentary trial

in car wi-fi

Because the drive is just the beginning

With the entertainment features from Mercedes me connect, you may never want to exit your vehicle. In-car WiFi lets you and your passengers surf the web at any time, while TuneIn® Radio offers thousands of stations, playlists and podcasts to soundtrack your journey.

Services include:

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • TuneIn® Radio

The Mercedes me connect App


Available now on Android, iOS and Apple Watch

The Mercedes me connect app gives you total control over your Mercedes-Benz, housing all of your remote access services, from Remote Start to Vehicle Tracker. Download the app now to take full advantage of your Mercedes me connect services.

Available on iOS and Android

Full Feature List

Discover all of the features available with Mercedes me connect.


Remote Start3 

Start your vehicle’s engine remotely, and automatically heat or cool the cabin to your last climate control setting.

Remote Door Lock & Unlock

Lock or unlock your vehicle from virtually any location, and know that your vehicle is always secure.

Remote Retrieval of Vehicle Status

View the latest data from your vehicle, including mileage, fuel level, tire pressure and more.

Point-of-Interest Download

Send an address from your phone directly to the COMAND navigation system in your car. When you get to your car, you can start navigating right away, or save the address to your head unit.

Programming of Charging Settings and Pre-entry Climate Control (EV) 

For hybrid and electric vehicles, view your charging status and activate climate control remotely.

Personalization ●

Adjust your in-vehicle settings such as ambient lighting, mirror folding, acoustic lock, easy entry, and more.


Vehicle Tracker ●

View the current location of your vehicle on a map using your smartphone or computer. 

Parked Vehicle Locator

Never forget where you parked again. See your vehicle’s location within a one mile radius, and get walking directions to it.


Set up a virtual boundary through the Mercedes me connect Portal, and be notified when your vehicle enters or exits that defined area.


Live Traffic Information4

View live traffic information and optimized route guidance on your vehicle’s navigation.

Car-to-X Communication4

With Car-to-X Communication, information is exchanged between vehicles on the road, alerting you to various hazards up ahead, such as an accident, fog or icy conditions.

Fuel & Charging Stations with Pricing (EV)4

When viewing your navigation, Mercedes me connect will display gas and charging stations on the map with helpful information like prices, fuel type, hours of operation and more.

Route Planning (EV)4

Calculate your route based on your vehicle’s remaining range and the charge stations along the way.

Parking Points-of-Interest4

Need parking? View parking facilities near your location, along with current availability and prices.

Online Map Updates4

Install the latest maps to your vehicle’s navigation by downloading updates over-the-air, without affecting the speed or performance of the head unit.

Weather Overlay4

Have the option to view location-specific weather and temperatures within your navigation map.

Predictive Navigation4

Based on your completed trip data and habits, the Mercedes me app suggests a selection of likely destinations, which you can send to your vehicle with just a click.

Included in the Mercedes me connect app

Maintenance Management

Get reminders of upcoming service, and book an appointment with your preferred service dealer.


With any vehicle, wear and tear is bound to happen. Be notified if your car is in need of servicing or a certain part needs to be inspected.

Accident Recovery

If you’re ever involved in an accident, receive immediate assistance and have a towing service arranged via Roadside Assistance.

Breakdown Management

In the event of a breakdown, your vehicle data and position will be relayed to the Roadside Assistance Center for immediate assistance.

Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Allow your preferred service dealer to remotely retrieve vehicle data ahead of service, so your experience is as smooth as possible.

Software Updates

Get the latest software installed over the air, so your vehicle is optimized with the most current information from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Concierge Service2

Customers with an active subscription to the Mercedes me connect Concierge Service can access a 24/7 assistant who will happily assist them with travel accommodations, reservations, purchases, important reminders, questions, or almost any other request.

Turn-by-Turn Assistance2

Have a Mercedes-Benz Concierge provide turn-by-turn assistance to guide you to your destination.

Agent-Assisted POI Download2

Have a Mercedes-Benz Concierge send an address directly to your in-vehicle navigation.

In-car Wi-Fi

Your vehicle becomes a 4G WiFi hotspot allowing you to connect up to eight devices to the Internet.

TuneIn® Radio

Access TuneIn® Radio using your vehicle’s head unit to surf between 70,000 live radio stations from around the globe. Search by artist or song, and explore categories like music genres, talk radio, sports and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a Mercedes me connect user, you must own a model year 2019 or newer Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Most remote access services are complimentary for three years. We recommend downloading the Mercedes me connect app to use these features.

Your Mercedes me connect services must be activated in person by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. This can be done during the purchase process or by bringing your vehicle into the dealership at any point after. Your dealer will need proof of identity, your email address, and a copy of your vehicle's registration. To complete the activation process, you must then accept the Terms of Use for the Mercedes me connect services, which can be accessed in the Mercedes me connect Portal.

You do not have to provide a credit card to use Mercedes me connect. The standard package includes a wide range of features, with remote access features standard for the first three years.

No, Mercedes me is free for everyone, regardless of your vehicle’s equipment and capabilities. However, customers with Mercedes me connect will have access to additional features.

The Concierge Service offers you easy access to a broad range of personalized services, such as assistance in booking travel, arranging event reservations, scheduling appointments or placing a take-out order. It’s like having an event coordinator for your life. Requested services are fulfilled by a Concierge Specialist directly. In the case of purchases, such as tickets or a gift, they will request your credit card information and complete the transaction on your behalf.

A Mercedes-Benz Concierge can provide a broad range of services including but not limited to:

  • Airline reservations and ticket purchase
  • Car rental reservations
  • Hotel recommendations, reservations and directions
  • Dining recommendations, reservations and directions
  • Movie and theater tickets and directions
  • Sporting event tickets and directions
  • Concert tickets and directions
  • Unique requests and gift purchases such as flowers, gift cards, etc.
  • Medical help and safety support (e.g., locating a physician while on vacation or assistance in filling prescriptions)
  • Assistance gaining access to sought-after events and restaurants
  • Lost baggage assistance
  • Assistance wiring cash
  • Research and answer questions
  • Wake-up calls
  • Reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events
  • Virtually anything that can be arranged over the phone or on the Internet

For non-emergency situations, the 'me' button allows you to contact all call-center based assistance services with the press of one button. Examples include Roadside Assistance, Vehicle Information and Concierge Services.

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