1989 300 SL Crash Test

Luxury through peace of mind.

To deliver the best or nothing, safety must come first. It’s why we devote so much time to a moment we hope never happens, and why every Mercedes-Benz is engineered to make an accident less severe, less damaging, and even less likely.

Crash test dummies in the front seats of a vehicle during testing.

Protecting what matters most.

An accident occurs. Various crumple zones keep the cabin isolated, while an advanced airbag system offers protection to the head, knees and more. Side impact airbags deploy in the rear, and even the seatbelts themselves are reinforced with airbags to distribute force and protect the ribcage.

Protecting drivers and passengers has always been our priority, and with every innovation, that legacy continues.

Preventing accidents before they happen.

To this day, breakthroughs continue in the world of safety. Here are some of the most advanced safety features in the Mercedes‑Benz lineup.

A worker's vehicle pulled over to the side of the road at an accident investigation.

Accident Investigation

Just a few pieces of data can mean the difference between a collision and close call. That's why we created the Mercedes-Benz Accident Investigation team, a special unit in Stuttgart, Germany dedicated to gathering and evaluating information that has the potential to save lives across the world.

From impact speed to collision angles, the data collected at the scene informs our ongoing improvement of safety features, and has led to the development of groundbreaking technology like ATTENTION ASSIST and DISTRONIC PLUS with PRE-SAFE® Brake.

Lighting Technology

For seeing what lies ahead, in the clearest way possible.

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