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Fuel Cell

Powered by some of the most cutting-edge technology in the world, the Mercedes-Benz F-Cell vehicle is driven solely by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, leaving behind zero local emissions, with the exception of heat and water vapour. To bring this marvel of technology to the world and to show its commitment to sustainable mobility, Mercedes-Benz has set up a plant in Burnaby, B.C. as the sole manufacturer of Proton Electron Exchange membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cell stack assemblies worldwide. With its inauguration in June 2012, Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell (MBFC) has demonstrated and run the world’s first automated production plant for automotive fuel cell stacks. In addition to MBFC’s key role as a contract manufacturer to Daimler AG, the division seeks to further refine and mature fuel cell manufacturing technologies for future production generations to come.

Departments include:

  • Finance, Controlling and Administration
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Production and Maintenance
  • Quality