Inspecting Your Vehicle

Glass & Lenses

Repairs or replacements are not necessary if:

• All glass and lenses are free of holes, cracks or stars*

• Any scratches can be covered by the First Class Condition Card

• No more than 2 chips have been plugged**

• Any chips or plugs** are smaller than 3 mm

• Any chips or plugs** sit outside the driver’s field of vision defined by wiper path

• Any aftermarket window tint is free of any scratches, bubbling, tears, or discolouring

*A “star” is a chip with one or more legs.
** A “plug” refers to any repair to windshield damage.

We recommend any windshield replacement be completed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer to ensure the repair meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Keep in mind windshield replacement is often covered by insurance. Check with your insurance agent.

    Chips are only chargeable if they are more than 0.3 cm in diameter, and do not fit within the circle of the measurement tool on the First Class Condition Card.